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Учащиеся выполняют задания, представленные в презентации, и участвуют в викторине «Правда или ложь». What is the official name of Great Britain? Places We Live In - презентация к уроку, 2013 год. Russian and English Names - Проект «Русские и английские имена», авторы: участники кружка. Great Britain or Albion is an ancient and poetic name for this country, perhaps from. All about the British political structure Sergey know (Презентация блока. Презентация может быть использована в рамках недели английского языка. Она содержит задания по литературе Великобритании. Презентация по иностранным языкам Презентация. Tasks: - to select information about English etiquette and study different aspects of. Some DON'Ts in Russia DON'T use “affectionate” names with unknown people. 1 Here are the names of some famous British writers whose portraits are exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery. Листратова Ольга Владимировна учитель. English has had a big influence on Russian lately. Professions, business-lexicon, firm names, technical novelties – everything is given English names. Презентация по истории Великобритании "British Place Names". Anglo-Saxon Place Names Anglo-Saxon stone carving at Earls Barton. Разделы: Иностранные языки, Конкурс «Презентация к уроку». Let's check how well you know the names of the rooms. My dear would you tell me please. English surnames, formed from the names of the locality. Parts of the UK Scott, Irish, Welsh, Wallace Parts of the counties Cornish, Kent, Cornwal, York. Данная презентация содержит страноведческий материал, который. the pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, the English writer who. Описание слайда: To understand English clearly one should know not only its standard vocabulary but also its different styles, dialects, proverbs, sayings. Great Britain is the name of the largest island of the British Isles and it is. The chief rivers of Great Britain are: the Severn, the Avon, the Thames and some. Урок+презентация английского языка в 8 классе. The British Museum is the largest and richest museum in. Her pet name is Lilibet. Name the place in London responding to the statement. The seat of the British Government. The Houses of Parliament. A Clock Tower. Big Ben. Разделы: Иностранные языки, Конкурс «Презентация к уроку». Your task is to find only British writers and call their names. And now say names of Russian. Презентация на тему The British Royal FamilyAs the princess grew older she began to take part. The name of the flag of the UK is called. Урок-презентация завершает раздел «Лица Лондона» и проводится в игровой. Презентация к уроку. Назад. What is the official name of Great Britain? 2 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ( the UK ). It is the official name of the country which is situated on the British Isles. It is the official name of. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 4 What is the Difference of Geographical Names? The United Kingdom of Great Britain and.

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